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Grow your people

Join some of the world’s leading companies in helping your team grow, by giving them access to any learning resource in the world through Sunlight
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for Founders

Grow a learning culture that attracts great tech talent and increases productivity.

for HR Leaders

Save time and simplify your ad hoc L&D workflow. Report success beautifully.

for ERG Leaders

Empower your members to learn as a group and from one another

for Managers

Empower your teams with relevant content. Streamline learning.

and Happier Employees

Learn what you want from where you want, when you want.

The learning you want.

Everyone learns in different ways. Just give your team a Sunlight budget and they can use it to access any learning in the world.

Manage your learning budgets

Empower your team and provide access to a dedicated budget for their personal and professional growth.

Both free and paid resources

We don't seek to limit but provide access to endless possibilities. Learn from anywhere at any time.

In a beautifully
curated experience

Benefit from the hundreds of expertly curated playlists with both free and paid resources or create your own.
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Approval Flows & Controls

Have line managers easily approve or deny requests to use any Sunlight learning budget.

Learning Playlists

Easily curate any content in playlists and benefit from constantly updated content by Sunlight and its users.

Role and skill definition

Define the roles inside your company and the skills you'd like them to develop.

Both free and paid resources

Share and learn from openly accesible content and mix it up with specific paid providers for maximum impact.

For better,
happier teams.

Because people make their own choices and feel invested in their growth, Sunlight makes your team more engaged, productive and happy.
Get people learning
Benefit from an average of 30% increase in learning and development in your business
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Increase productivity
Grow abilities and skills in your team that directly translate to increased productivity.
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Retain and attract talent
Learning is the #1 most desired benefit with newer generations. Grow, attract and retain your best people.
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Grow like them

Some of the most innovative companies -both large and small- use Sunlight to be the best at what they do. Don't just take our word for it, hear from some of our customers below.
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