Grow your people

Sunlight helps tech companies grow by giving their talent access to any course, book, or event in the world.

For founders

Grow a learning culture that attracts great tech talent and increases productivity.

For HR and People Ops

Save time and simplify your ad hoc L&D workflow. Report success beautifully.

For happier employees

Learn what you want from where you want, when you want.

Any learning you want

Everyone learns in different ways. Put your training budget in the hands of your technical talent. You’ll see them use it to access any learning in the world. Transparent and Simple.
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In a beautiful, 
curated experience

Benefit from the hundreds of expertly curated playlists with both free and paid resources or create your own. Receive recommendations based on roles and skills, and manage approval flows for all learning expenses.

Skill & Role Mapping

Define the roles inside your company and the skills you'd like them to develop.


Easily curate any content in playlists and benefit from constantly updated content by Sunlight and its users.

Approval Flows

Have line managers easily approve or deny requests to use any Sunlight learning budget.

For better, happier teams

Because people make their own choices and feel invested in their growth, Sunlight makes your team more engaged, productive and happy.
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Grow like them

Some of the most innovative companies -both large and small- use Sunlight to be the best at what they do. Don't just take our word for it, hear from some of our customers below.
"Such an open exploratory, delightful, experience. Sunlight's universe of options creates magic."
Alicia Navarro
Founder & CEO at Skimlinks
"Sunlight has given us the ability for employees to really take ownership of their learning."
Jess Hayes
Head of People at Wonderbly
"Our engagement results specific to L&D have gone up by 34%. Against typical industry benchmarks, we are currently 20% above average engagement."
Niamh Keys
People Director at Skimlinks
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"Such an open exploratory, delightful, experience. Sunlight's universe of options creates magic."
Alicia Navarro
Founder & CEO
"The team loved it. We had 87% uptake in the first month and a 99.9% decrease in admin from the People team."
Jess Hayes
Head of People
"Sunlight was an obvious choice for us. It really pleases the folks that use it."
Chris Wilkinson
Head of People