The story

Everyone learns in different ways. Just give your team a Sunlight budget and they can use it to access any learning in the world. Curated, transparent and simple.

Why Skimlinks reached out

Skimlinks reached out after running an employee engagement survey with Culture Amp. The results showed learning and development as being one of the areas they lacked in when compared with other companies in the space.
"Such an open exploratory, delightful, experience. Sunlight's universe of options creates magic."
Alicia Navarro
Founder & CEO

After using Sunlight

Six months after starting to use Sunlight, Skimlinks' results were up by 34%. Niamh Keys, Head of People at Skimlinks commented:

"Our results have gone up from December 2016 to August 2017 by 34% and when we compare our results against typical % engagement on that questions from other New Tech companies that Culture Amp work with we average out at 22% better. i.e. We are rated 22% better that comparable companies in this measure. I think this success, so much of it is due to Sunlight"