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Pawesome uses Sunlight to make sure their team is well equipped to challenge the status quo and make caring for your pet easy and affordable. 

The story

Paws came to us at the very beginning of their journey, with the ambitious vision of becoming the very best place to work in London.

Dusk of Paws

Chris Wilkinson, Head of People, was Paws very first hire. The premise was to build a company that would focus on the people first and derive their success from nurturing an amazing culture for them.
"Learning is one of the highest leverage activities you can invest in as a company."
Neil Hutchinson
Founder of

Many ways to learn

Some people enjoyed listening to audiobooks on their daily commute, others wanted intense 3 day dev workshops and some even wanted books on dog & cat psychology. Sunlight was able to curate content for each of them.

Why Sunlight

Chris had already used Sunlight as Head of People at Forward Partners and was looking to setup the “tech stack” to deploy his people strategy: “Finding great talent, retaining great talent and growing that great talent”

Personalized growth

Very early on Paws understood each of their team members was motivated by vastly different things. They wanted each of them to be pulled by their intrinsic motivations as much as their company goals. So they need to identify what would be best for each.
"More & more folks are looking for development and growth in their career. It's what attracts them in the first place."
Chris Wilkinson
Head of People at

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