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How it grows

Set up a Sunlight budget

Easily manage the learning and development budget of your company or its teams by assigning Sunlight that each member is allowed to spend every year or month. Top up or edit anytime you'd like.

Your Organization
Joanna Pears
$1500 Left
Jake Hallford
$800 Left
Laurence Matthews
$60 Left
Max Hills
$1500 Left

Your team spends it learning

Whether it’s on online courses, books or school tuition. Choose from over thousands of items in our curated marketplace or just ask for something else and we’ll get it for you. We’ll even help you find the perfect ones for you.

Just for you
Some things that might interest you...
Just Now
Intro To Python For Data Science Bootcamp
By General Assembly
This workshop will cover the fundamentals of Python and several tools used in data science.
Pycon UK
By Pycon
PyCon UK is the annual gathering of the UK Python community and its friends from around the world.
Bayesian Machine Learning in Python: A/B Testing
By Udemy
Data Science, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics Techniques for Marketing, Digital Media, Online Advertising, and More
EmberConf 2018
By Ember Conf
EmberConf is three days of trainings, sessions, activities and good times with the Ember Core Team and community members from around the world.
How to Lie with Statistics
By Darrell Huff
A pleasantly subversive little book, Guaranteed to undermine your faith in the almighty statistic.

Track Everything

Once people spend their Sunlight, everything is logged and shared with the rest of the team. This allows you to keep tabs on how your employees learn about things and incentivize others to join in.

Max Hill purchased Intro To Python For Data Science Bootcamp on General Assembly
Just Now
Laurence Matthews purchased Pycon UK on Pycon
2 hours ago
Joanna Pears purchased Bayesian Machine Learning in Python: A/B Testing on Udemy
Jake Hallford purchased How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff on Amazon

Control how it's spent

If you’d like more control on how the budget is spent, Sunlight gives Admins powerful spending controls to ensure expenses match internal policies and strategies.

Admin Approval Flows
Have an admin approve all or some requests.
By Types
Define if books, online courses, events, etc require approvals.
Cost Threshold
Define if requests above certain cost require admin approval.
Limit to playlists
Have any request of a resource outside of a group’s playlist require approval.
Split the bill
Define what percentage of a request cost can be covered by the company.

Report Beautifully

Get one simple invoice for all ad hoc learning purchases made in a month and benefit from beautiful reports you can generate at the end of every month, quarter or year.

Integrate with your workflow

With a growing list of third party applications and our own public API, Sunlight integrates easily to your workflow.

Get Started
Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps. Connect over hundreds of apps to Sunlight with a zap and define your own workflow.
Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done. Receive feeds, approval requests and more with Sunlight and Slack.
Sunlight API
If you're looking to build a deeper integration into anything, our public JSON compliant API makes it simple.

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