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Sunlight for ERGs

Empower your people

We help ERGs thrive by empowering their community learning choices and unlocking their members’ easy access to any learning opportunity in the world.

Playlists just for your ERGs

Curate learning and growth playlists for your ERG members with free, paid, and your own opportunities.
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Easy way to manage your ERG budget

Assign to your ERGs their own team wallet equipped with expense tracking plus reporting.
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ERGs Sunlight

Recommend resources to your mentees

Share resources and learning playlists with your mentees at the click of a button.
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Engage your sponsor

Use our reporting dashboard to your advantage to show the positive activity catalyzed by your ERGs.
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Check out our playlists for ERGs

Don't have enough time to curate content? Discover the resources we've assembled with Our Collective in these 30 playlists and make them your own.

For better
and happier ERGs

Because people make their own choices and feel invested in their growth, Sunlight makes your ERGs more engaged, productive and happy.
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Because we all learn in different ways, create and share playlists containing all kind of resources: conferences, lunch and learns, guest speaker events, group movie watches, research papers, certification programs, online courses, articles, podcasts, books, and in person events.

Upload your internal resources, whether it’s Google docs, guidelines or recordings, to your ERG’s playlist so you all can have everything handy and in one place.

Add your ERG members’ unique aspirations, roles and skills to Sunlight to help you surface relevant content for them throughout their entire career advancement. 

Integrate Sunlight with your ERG Slack channel to strengthen your 24/7 virtual space where its members can hold space for each other’s growth and perspectives.

Save valuable time by going to your playlist “Things you’ve shared” in case you would like to share once more that resource your team loved but that you can’t currently remember.

Enable the approval of requests based on your internal policies with our Slack integration.

Monitor and track in chronological order all the resources that have been bought by each team member.

Download detailed reports on ERG expenses on a monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis at a click of a button.

Invite your sponsor to join your Sunlight team in order to they can see all the activity your ERG is working on.

Feature your sponsor’s learning playlist to recognize their leadership.

Add your sponsor to your ERG Slack channel so they can be always in the loop and get to know better your ERG members.