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Sunlight for Startups

Synergize your team

We provide a lean learning experience to start-ups focused on growth, employee recognition, and retaining talent
Sunlight Access any learning resource

Access any learning resource, anywhere.

Any course, book, conference, article or video, we can give you immediate access through Sunlight.
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Enable collaborative learning
in your team

Share resources and learning playlists with your team and employees to learn and collaborate together. 
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Sunlight forget your invoices

Forget about your invoices

No need to wait for long approval cycles and invoice processes. We pay for resources immediately through your budget
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More meaningful performance reviews

Use our reporting dashboard to understand your employees’ growth and attach playlists with relevant content to their performance reviews
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Your start-up's learning stack,
ready to plug and play

A world-class group of leaders have curated Sunlight playlists on their topics of expertise so you can get started building a culture of growth. Our authors are sector leaders, like Seth Godin and many more!

For fast-growing startup teams

Sunlight gives your employees the ability to access any learning resource, and learn from one another in the fast-changing world of startups
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Access all online and offline learning resources you want, and upload your own internal documents. 

Organize them through playlists and easily share them with your team.

Find curated content and playlists from Sunlight

Activate your employee budget for conferences, books, courses and much more.

Fill up your budget and purchase content with one click

Analyze insights on employee spending

Share playlists with between teams and employees

Surface the purchases in your teams through integrations with Slack and other platforms.

Share your recommended resources with the company

Share a private playlist with employees in your next performance review

Include resources you recommend and track their progress towards building those skills.

Have your employees help each other by sharing their best resources to improve skills