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Sunlight for Managers

Grow your people

We help you excel as a leader by giving you and your team easy and personalized access to the best learning opportunities in the world. Support and guide your team members' growth anytime, anywhere.

Reward with the gift of learning  

Offer learning beyond the usual employee perks, gifts, and affirmations with no additional time or energy investment.
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Approve your team’s learning in seconds

Automation is here and it’s ready to streamline your company’s learning process through our spending controls and integrations.
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Engage your team in their learning

Become involved in your team’s learning to show them you care about their growth, and see them bloom.
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Obtain expense tracking + reporting

Because time is your greatest asset, remove the friction of back-and-forth emails while getting to know your team better.
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Gain firsthand experience with these playlists on management

We’re currently working hand in hand with leading experts on high-grade playlists specifically focused on your role. 

For better, happier and closer
managers to their teams

Supporting and making sure each of your team members keeps on the rails may sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. We’ve got your back and look after your growth as well.
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Sunlight Technologies Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales (No. 10275463)

Assign your team members a monthly, quarterly or annual learning budget in Sunlight and allow them to own their ongoing learning.

Specify the skillsets your team members need to develop for their roles and we’ll help you surface relevant content.

Guide and align your team by creating learning playlists with free, paid, and your own resources, whether it’s certification programs, online courses, podcasts, books, Dropbox/Google docs, webinars, or in person events.

Make learning accessible 24/7 for your team via our web and mobile versions so it can become a powerful habit within your team.

Build a feeling of continual support of your team members' growth goals surfaced in their 360 performance reviews by recommending resources and/or Sunlight playlists.

Connect your team’s Slack channel with Sunlight for opportunity awareness and learner engagement among your team members.

Determine what is compliant with your company’s learning budget policy and be in control of what is bought with admin approvals.

Approve your team members’ learning purchases within seconds in Slack.

Instill transparent practices in your employees by enforcing mandatory invoice upload.

Monitor and track in chronological order all the learning resources that have been bought by each team member.

Download at the click of a button detailed reports on your company learning expenses on a monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis. 

Be aware of what and how your team learn, as well as their spending habits with our analytics dashboard.