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4 Tips to Bring Life to your Learning Budget

We’ve learned from our customers on 4 continents and looked at our data to uncover the following 4 insights.
Michael Narea
November 6, 2019

Give your employees a curation of  micro-learning experiences under $50, built around agency and seamless resource organization.

By documenting and tracking mirco-learning experiences of your people, you can quicly build agency and seamless resource organization at your company. We know this because 84% of purchases made on Sunlight are under $50. Many of these purchases may never have been documented by HR and people operations departments. Now, you are given clear insights into your people’s learning experience no matter how large or small the experience is.

Guide your people’s intuitive learning discovery...don’t dictate it.  

Your people and managers are already  learning leaders, and they need your guidance to become better at learning on the job, and for their job. Sunlight unleashes this power for you with 50,000 categorized resources which is growing everyday. You become the facilitator of learning, rather than the “sage on the stage” by making for your teams curated playlists that still leave room for individual growth and discovery.

Make all your people a Learning Influencer.

Not enough employees are recognized for their initiative in their own growth. Do this. Sunlight helps you do this by enabling your people to become learning influencers at their companies, ranking and recommending content based on interest and impact.

Make L&D budget less stressful to manage.  

The biggest source of friction between an employee and her L&D budget - aside from relevant search and discovery - is how to pay for it. The result? Employees don’t ask. When they do ask, they are burdened with the approval and reimbursement process. Meanwhile HR managers are buried under forms and receipts and inventory management. That wasn’t on their job description.

Sunlight removes this friction through its virtual credit card creation for budget management. This puts your L&D budget in the hands of employees (with your guidance...see Tip #2!) and places all purchases on a single invoice. With just a few clicks they can spend their Sunlight budget on the latest programming skills, digital marketing, or whatever else is needed to help your company grow in 2019.

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The team loved it. We had 87% uptake in the first month and a 99.9% decrease in admin from the People team."
Jess Hayes
Head of People
"Sunlight was an obvious choice for us. It really pleases the folks that use it."
Chris Wilkinson
Head of People

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