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Empowering your people and teams with a Sunlight learning budget

Why keeping your tech talent always learning matters.
Michael Narea
November 6, 2019

Times are changing faster than ever today. Every day, humans around the world visually and audibly receive 34 GB of information - that’s 100,000 words per day to process. This gargantuan amount of information and perspectives is shaping the way people and teams see the world, knowledge and skills they gain, and the way they work together. Specifically, Tech Talent  is becoming more multi-dimensional, multi-interested, and multi-skilled than ever before. We created Sunlight to empower engineering, UX/UI, and product leaders to celebrate the blossoming diversity of natural learning shaping themselves every day. It is the only marketplace where any learning resource in the world can be accessed with a single click.

Who uses Sunlight now? (And why do they love it?)

Everyone learns in different ways. We just keep their learning curated, transparent and simple, so your people can have a seamless experience learning online or offline through any medium they find the most effective.

If interested in learning more about Sunlight, click here to schedule a demo with our team.

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