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Lessons learned from launching Sunlight on Product Hunt

A brief explanation on how we launched on Product Hunt, what we achieved, lessons learned and a whole lot of thanks to everyone
Juan Lagrange
November 6, 2019

Thanks to your support and that of many of our clients, we were the most voted product on Product Hunt for that day with almost 800 votes, even overtaking Stadia, Google’s new gaming platform!

Why a new Sunlight:

As many of you are aware, we have been working on Sunlight’s new version for the past 6 months. It is a radical redesign that had 3 purposes in mind:

  1. Enable users and companies to “self-onboard”: This basically means make the user experience appealing to any employee of any company to open an account use Sunlight and invite his colleagues and more importantly his boss (who makes decisions regarding his learning budget)
  2. Provide the foundation for building enterprise features: Our entire customer base so far has been for companies 20-150 employees in size. We believe we have a good understanding of how these companies operate and how to enable employees to tap into their learning budget in a simple way. In the meantime simplifying reporting, accounting and operations. However, we have very recently landed our first “large” client. A fast growing German company with 500 employees (expected 800 by end of the year) and 15 subsidiaries around the world. The logistics, accounting, reporting and operations of the latter are slightly different as you can imagine but our new version enables us to do exactly that.
  3. Have a better UI/UX that could both get people taking but also feel familiar while simplifying workflows.

We believe we have achieved all 3 and are going to be focusing and tweaking things in order to ensure this is the case.

So what did we ACTUALLY achieve with the launch.. besides votes?

The exposure gained from the launch has been phenomenal. I just checked and we have 922 Upvotes (up from 798 at closing of March 19th, 5 days after launch) , 78 reviews (all positive, there is not even a negative one) and 27 written reviews (all quite positive as well good feedback for improvement). I can admit that my mom is one of those reviews and my girlfriend definitely upvoted but even after taking away close friends and family, it still leaves a staggering number of people that we managed to reach.

But what does this mean?

Ok, so here are the numbers. Since we launched, we’ve had 312 user sign up for a demo account of which 291 opened an actual account. Of these users, 56 actually opened a company account. As you all know, we are B2B SaaS so these 56 is really the key number.

This does NOT however mean we now have 56 new clients, it means they have created accounts and it is now up to us to activate, retain, convert into revenue and make sure they are happy enough to bring in referrals. This as you can imagine will be our focus for the coming weeks.

In addition to these new potential clients, a number of cold leads reached out and are now interested in finding out more.

As you can see, all in all a very positive experience.

What did we learn from launching on Product Hunt that can be applied to future launches?

What we did right:

What we could’ve done better:

Special thanks

Finally I want to thank all our team @rrodrigu3z, Nicolas, Oscarlyn, Jorge, Henri, Gabriel, @carlosxcl @michael.narea, Pamella, Marian, Chelsea, Fabiola for hustling and making sure everything went off perfectly. Amazing job.

A big thanks to our amazing team of investors and advisors that have supported us @Speedinvest, @ockenrock, @philipspecht, @armandomann, @Seedcamp, @rsohoni, @cee, @siahouchangnia, @alexisdevienne, @annectionm, @patrickdonglou, Nathan, @nicberardi, @tanguy.chau @esteban_sosnik

And a final thanks to @Jonathan Tzou for having supported us and hunted us.

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