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The Key to Designing Learning Paths for your Team

The key aspects of designing learning paths for your team include investing in learning resources and surfacing the learning in a social, engaging manner.
Alberto Arenaza
January 7, 2020

Employees in fast-growing companies often go through unexpected journeys within the organization: sometimes managers identify certain skills that are better suited elsewhere in the team, other times there are major growth cases that lead to internal promotion.

Learning Pathways play a major component in these journeys: 

How can you design development pathways for your employees from the moment they set foot in your organization?

Building effective learning pathways generally requires two things: gaining a broader perspective and the tools to track and channel learning into your teams.

The top 2 best methods and tools to help your employees grow inside your organization:

1. Gaining perspective

Company retreats and employee workshops can foster employee engagement.

What type of perspective do managers need to gain to design effective learning pathways? They need to be able to look a few years into the future and gain insight into the direction of the market, the employee, the company and the skills that are going to be needed, which is no easy task!

Managers are able to achieve this by looking inward (looking at existing cases of development within the company) or outward (scanning the industry for existing skill development pathways). 

The latter is highly effective for companies that are at the early-stages of their development.

2. Tools for growth

Deciding on the best LMS for your team? Sunlight is there for you every step of the way.

Once a team has gained perspective into what a plausible learning path can be for employees, they need the tools to execute on it! Some of the key aspects of building these development plans are investing in learning resources, surfacing the learning to other employees in the same path, tracking the journey, or identifying the talent inside the organization.

We believe Sunlight is the best tool to invest in your employees growth once this learning path has been developed! Why? Unlike other platforms that involve a heavy employer investment and see little employee engagement, Sunlight is a lightweight application that meets the employee where they are: by providing learning as a benefit, employees can seamlessly invest in their growth through books, conferences, events, or online courses. And it's also highly effective at surfacing the learning in a social, engaging manner.

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